Are you on the hunt for a wedding venue for your upcoming big day? On the flip side, are you a wedding venue that is looking to try and bring in new clients? Either way, you look at it, a lot can be gained from the technology behind virtual tours. The whole concept with virtual tours is that you will have the ability to check out a floor plan, do a walk through of a venue, all from the comfort of your computer right at home, at work, or wherever you may be.

Floor Plans You Can Interact With


A virtual floor plan tour can let you see the entire venue from an aerial view. Ever see pictures of a wedding venue, only to struggle as you try to figure out where things go, such as the bar, where the DJ will be set up, and more? A virtual floor plan tour can make all of this a reality so that a client can see every piece of your venue from a distance, without having to actually go and tour the location.


With the virtual floor plan tour we put together at Point View 360, it is basically turning your venue into a doll house display. When customers go to look out your venue they can zoom right out as if they were staring down at a doll house, see where the entire layout is, so you can figure out if it is the right venue for you and your significant other.

Virtual Tours

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue With a Virtual Tour